family style training series

Family Style I: Successful Recipes for HIV Prevention Programs for Asians & Pacific Islanders
March 23 – 25th, 2005, San Francisco, CA

  • Strengthen development, adaptation, diffusion and evaluation of HIV prevention interventions identified by CDC as effective HIV intervention strategies and consistent with CDC’s Advancing HIV Prevention.
  • Support networking and peer-based learning among HIV prevention providers serving A&PI communities across the nation and the Pacific.

Family Style II: Leadership in Changing Times of HIV Prevention
December 4-6, 2005, San Diego, CA

  • Develop strategies and practice skills that support the process of change to strengthen prioritized programs for A&PI communities
  • Recognize personal leadership potential to guide the development and implementation of strong and integrated programs
  • Build a resource and support network for staff working on HIV/AIDS in A&PI communities

Family Style III: Getting a Handle on Program Evaluation
November 14-17, 2006, Philadelphia, PA

  • Cultivate fundamental planning, design, data collection and analysis skills so that CBOs can conduct simple program evaluation in-house
  • Impart more advanced experimental design, statistical and management knowledge so that CBOs are able to manage more complex program evaluation by working with consultants.

Family Style IV: Leadership and Creativity in HIV Prevention
November 11-14, 2007, Palm Springs, CA

  • Build leadership and communication skills so that CBOs can better address issues of staff morale, turnover, and creative program development in their organizations.
  • Increase understanding of elements of and creativity around HIV program design, including logic modeling, behavior change theories, and program monitoring.

Family Style V: Getting Better Mileage Out of Your HIV Prevention Program
November 10-12, 2008, Los Angeles, CA

  • Understand the basics of HIV prevention program cost effectiveness and assess gaps in HIV prevention program budgets by using cost/benefit analysis tools.
  • Obtain tools to understand more fully how to effectively identify and manage resources, including staff and funding.

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