HIV Testing  


All are welcome who may have been at risk for HIV! Are you at risk? Find out here

Testing Schedule

Wellness Clinic at 730 Polk Street (Cross street Ellis)

Our HIV Clinic will have the following changes to its scheduling due to ongoing programs:

Wednesday (04/15/15) – No HIV testing will be provided Thursday (04/16/15) – Clinic will close at 4 PM due to night programming

Note: Due to a new weekly night program, our Wednesday night clinic will be closing at 6:30 PM. This new closing time will be in effect until May 27th.

Tuesday: 1pm – 5pm
Wednesday: 2pm – 6:30pm
Thursday: 1pm – 7pm
Friday: 1pm – 5pm
Saturday: 2pm – 5pm

*These hours are walk-in.
*Confidential testing.
*APIWC is the only site that offers anonymous HIV testing in San Francisco.

Do I need an appointment for HIV Testing?

Appointments are not taken for HIV testing with our agency. We provide HIV testing on a first come, first serve basis! We recommend that clients show up as early as possible to ensure enough time for our counseling session and services.

For any questions about our testing schedule, policies, or special promotions, please email Nate Cedilla (Health Promotion Coordinator) at

What's involved?

When clients arrive at a testing session, they fill out a brief survey and review consent forms with their test counselor. Then, we test clients with the Stat Pak Rapid Blood Test and disclose their results.

How long does it take?

Sessions take about 25-45 minutes depending on the length and content of your visit. Please allow yourself enough time for travel, counseling, and any other services you may want when visiting our agency! We appreciate your patience as we serve all members of our beautiful city!

Is it free?

HIV testing services are free. Donations are welcome!


730 Polk St (corner of Polk & Ellis) on the Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94109
Area consists of metered street parking. Parking is free after 6pm

Do you speak other languages?

We offer services in several Asian & Pacific Islander languages. Let us know what language services you'll need when making your appointment.

Other Testing Services

For more information about Hepatitis B (HBV) screenings and Hepatitis C (HCV) testing, please click here.

Clients may qualify to access STD Testing and other free medical services with our Wellness Clinic. Click here for more details.

Have I Been At Risk for HIV?

HIV is transmitted only from an HIV positive person in five bodily fluids: blood, semen, pre-ejaculate, vaginal fluid, and breast milk. HIV risk behaviors are any behaviors that may transmit any of the five above fluids from an HIV positive person into the blood stream of an HIV negative person, including unprotected sex and blood to blood contact (i.e. sharing needles).

Please keep in mind the "Window Period" of the test: it may take 3-6 months for antibodies to show up on a HIV antibody test. This test may not reflect something that happened very recently.

Download the Safer Sex: A Guide for Us:

For More Information

CDC HIV Factsheets


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